PN CELL AQUA VITAL (0.5gm x 5 vials)


PN CELL AQUA VITAL provides intensive moisture as it contains sodium DNA, salmon proteoglycan, and hyaluronic acid. Mesopreparations of the PN Cell series are a lyophilized substance containing a polynucleotide (PDRN) that activates tissue regeneration using a variety of effective components, without artificial preservatives. BR Pharm has managed to create a unique production technology that not only protects from acne-causing bacterial infections but is also able to maintain its effectiveness, which allows you to instantly solve combat pimples!



BR Pharm performs research activities of a wide scope of regenerative medicine technologies for the purpose of ensuring comfort and pleasant lives based on core technologies by making use of PDRN.

BR Pharm owns manufacturing technology of cell cycling activator of PDRN medicine for producing regenerative medicine, and listed raw material medicine (PDRN) on DMF, and is certified of BGMP (Bulk Good Manufacture Practice) by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Further, BR Pharm cooperates with governmental institutes for consumption and supply of safe PDRN raw material medicine.


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