Mesotherapy is a method that has been used in medicine for many years to treat various skin diseases, consisting in direct injection of appropriate medicinal substances into the affected areas.




It  is a method that has been used in medicine for many years to treat various skin diseases, consisting in direct injection of appropriate medicinal substances into the affected areas. Needle-free mesotherapy is a treatment of the latest generation, which involves the painless introduction of active substances into the skin. The system has been developed to regenerate the skin, repair it, and it is used to rejuvenate the skin, completely painlessly remove wrinkles, and it is also used to combat cellulite.

Needle-free mesotherapy provides effective treatment by completely getting rid of traditional needles and injecting microneedles (it has been replaced by an electric wave injection).

The principle of operation of the device is based on the processes of electroporation and electroosmosis, therefore it does not require injection. It facilitates the opening of aquaporins (AQP – integral membrane proteins involved in the transport of water), transports nutrients deep into the skin, which effectively treats various skin defects. During the operation of the device, the phenomenon of electrophoresis (movement of molecules under the influence of an electric field) takes place on the skin and thanks to “point by point” the highly concentrated serum is absorbed deep into the skin, to the appropriate tissues. This makes the absorption process faster and more effective, improves metabolism, and results in smooth and elastic skin.


What is electroporation and electroosmosis?


Electroporation: acts directly on the skin, increasing its penetration. During the electro-impulses, holes are created in the lipid membrane and thus hydrophilic molecules can penetrate inside the cells. Holes in the membrane are formed within seconds to several minutes depending on the length of the electro-pulse.

Electroosmosis: mainly acts on particles of dispersed substances, allowing them to penetrate freely into the skin. Some electric charges repel each other, and the application of a positive current facilitates the penetration of positively charged nutrient molecules. At the same time, uncharged particles also penetrate.

Indications for mesotherapy

sagging skin

anti-wrinkle prophylaxis

preventing hair loss

cellulite (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)

stretch marks


removal of freckles / discoloration and skin whitening: creates channels in cell membranes without breaking the epidermis and causing scarring

facilitates the absorption of nutrients

takes part in cellular metabolism

stimulates cell renewal

removal of fine wrinkles: the electrode enables the introduction of nutrients into the skin, thus stimulating cell renewal and smoothing wrinkles

reduction of acne lesions: the introduction of active substances through mesotherapy allows them to reach the source of the “problem”

cleanses the skin and inhibits the formation of acne lesions

it also limits infections and inflammatory processes on the skin.

enables the introduction of active substances that strongly bind water deep into the skin, thus providing the right amount of water to the cells and preventing the formation of wrinkles and other skin defects caused by water deficiency and insufficient skin hydration


  • Power 10 W
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz


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