Our light weighted and compact hygiene module system LaBina PL-1000 Mobil is the ideal device for permanent make-up providers that are looking for a professional pigmentation instrument for mobile usage.
Due to its small size it is espacially suitable for a safe transport. The robust aluminium housing protects the control unit against bumps.
The digital control units ensure a constant needle frequency even with constantly alternating pressures of the needle. The moment the needle penetrates the skin and the resistance noticeably decelerates the needle of common pigmentation instruments, the combination of our intelligent digital control unit and the powerfulengine of the handpiece ensures that the amount of needle stitches per second is retained on the previously adjusted frequence. For different skin structures the stroke speed of the pigmentation needle can be adjusted via buttons on the functional and compact control unit; values ranging from 50 to 150 strokes per second.
The aluminium housing and the membrane keypad enables an easy disinfection!

The European Union increases the protection of employees and patients from sharp instruments:
A new EU-directive to minimise the risk of injuries and infections that can be caused by sharp and pointed instruments. Besides businesses in the healthcare sector the directive may also oblige permanent make-up providers to utilise safe needle systems with integrated safety mechanisms. Because the needle tips are always retracted into the nozzle and are only applying pigments into the skin if properly used, the EU-directive can be complied with our patented hygiene module systems. If you are opting for our patented hygiene module system, you are already meeting the requirements of the EU-directive.

2 years warranty on device and handpiece. In the event of a defect, we will provide you with a PL-1000 mobil loaner for the duration of the repair free of charge and as fast as possible.


Hygiene modules: (45 units)

  • 15 x 1er-Liner-Hygiene modules [Art.-Nr.: E-0021]
  • 15 x 3er-Outline-Hygiene modules [Art.-Nr.: E-0030]
  • 15 x 5er-Shader-Hygiene modules [Art.-Nr.: E-0025]


  • 6 x 10ml LaBina pigments (free selection)
  • 36 x 0,5ml LaBina color sample


  • 10 x pigmentation brush
  • 1 x ring holder with 100 disposable pigment cups


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