IRI Filler S600 For Hyaluron Pen Application System




The original hyaluronic pen filler for the IRI application system to build up the volume of the lips.

The IRI® Filler S600 is a hyaluron filler that was specially developed for the IRI® application system, which has been registered for a worldwide patent, and is precisely injected into the lips using a hyaluron pen. It is therefore suitable for building up the  volume of the lips or treating nasolabial folds. For this purpose, the IRI® Filler S600 only contains raw materials of the highest quality. It is a  monophasic hyaluronic filler  and the best choice for beauticians, naturopaths and medical professionals who want to offer treatment with the hyaluronic pen in a safe and high quality.

The IRI® application system is the only hyaluron pen system in the world which, according to the current decision of the district government, allows beauticians, beauty salons, alternative practitioners and aesthetic doctors to treat hyaluron pens. 

What is the difference between the IRI® application system and copycat products?

PLEASE NOTE:In addition to the IRI® Filler S600, the IRI application system also includes the original Hyaluron Pen with registered property rights. Only this original system has been checked by the district court and guarantees safe use of the hyaluronic acid pen. The reason for this is the patent-pending locking profile technology, which, in contrast to counterfeit products available on the market, prevents excessive amounts of hyaluronic acid from being injected into this pen. Cheap imitation products do not have this technology, are not approved for the German market and are responsible for serious damage due to uncontrolled injection of hyaluronic acid. In addition, these products violate the utility model protection rights of YAVU Aesthetics. We also strongly (!) Advise against the use of other hyaluronic acid pens,

Exceptional results require raw products in their absolute purest form. Our answer is  “IRI® FILLER S600”.  This monophasic hyaluronic filler was specially developed for the use of the IRI® hyaluronic pen series. The special property of hyaluronic acid plays a decisive role here:

Technical data of the IRI® FILLER S600 at a glance

Viscoelasticity: 59 Pa.S (1 Pa.S = 1,000 cP)
Consentration: 24 mg / ml
Endotoxin: <0.1 EU / ml
BDDE residue: ~ 0
MoD: 2.72%


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