Hydra Medic Treatment Set (Professional)


An anti-aging treatment with multiple active types of Hyaluronic Acid with an intensive moisture supply for a smooth and radiant complexion. This uniquely formulated solution contains the latest active ingredients with PatcH2O™️ to reactivate the skin’s natural hydrating mechanisms by teaching the skin how to self-hydrate. Enriched with Intelligent Hydro-Lipids that are able to adjust the skin level of hydration depending on the humidity outside, the Hydra Medic treatment recreates the skin’s natural hydro-lipid structure and facilitates the epidermal reconstruction of damaged skin. It leads to visible results from the very first treatment.



This treatment set contains

Bio Peeling (3ml/0.1 fl oz x 4)
A thorough yet gentle skin resurfacing exfoliating peel that uses natural fruit extracts to remove the dull outer layer of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate for a smoother complexion. It prepares the skin for the ideal dosage of ‘moisture flush’ from the Hydra Medic treatment.

Dewy Serum 24H (5ml/0.16 fl oz x 4)
An ultra-light emulsion gel formulated to act right at the heart of cells to reactivate the natural hydrating mechanisms that allow the skin to self-hydrate. This lightly scented aromatic serum is completely absorbed by the skin and releases dime-sized water droplets that can be smoothed over.

Fortify Hydrator (4ml/0.1 fl oz x 1)
Fortify Hydrator activates the optimal moisture boosts by allowing maximum penetration of Hydra Surge Concentrates into the skin. It creates a dual moisture shield and multiplies the hydrating effects of this treatment.

Hydra Surge Concentrates – Aqua Intensify (3ml/0.1 fl oz x 4)
This super-concentrated serum formulated with both low-molecular and high-molecular HA dramatically refills the skin moisture depots and revitalizes skin with its original natural radiance. Its hygroscopic (ability to retain moisture) nature restores the integrity of skin and strengthens the barrier function to prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Moist Fix Mask (4 pcs)
Drenched with a potent moisture complex, the mask distributes water to the skin and provides the epidermis with an intense hydrating effect.


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