Whitening Pack – Ultradent




Teeth Whitening Pack

In this ultradent teeth whitening system we offer you everything you need for teeth whitening treatments for use in the clinic and subsequent reinforcement at home, always supervised and controlled by the professional. We also incorporate the desensitizer for use either before or after the application of whitening, in order to maintain greater patient comfort throughout the treatment. The cases for the trays must not be missing, so that the whitening ferula can be transported home in a hygienic and safe manner. With this set you will have enough material for at least 4 treatments, in addition you will save 6% in the price that if you buy the products individually.

Opalescence Whitening Kit 40%


  • Potent 40% hydrogen peroxide.
  • No light needed!
  • PF patented formula to strengthen the enamel, decrease sensitivity and prevent caries.
  • Fresh gel for each application.
  • Ideal for whitening single teeth or entire arches.


  • 4 syringes 1,2 ml (1,49 g) of Opalescence Boost / Activator
  • 2 syringes 1.2 ml (1.34 g) OpalDam Green
  • 2 IsoBlocks
  • 10 Micro 20GA tips
  • 10 tips Micro 20GA FX
  • 2 colorimeters
  • 2 Luer suction adapters
  • 2 SurgiTip tips (for post-application suction)

Reference UD4750

Opalescence 10% Whitening Kit


  • Opalescence whitening Carbamide peroxide 10%
  • Less risk of sensitivity
  • Maximum efficacy for night treatment


  • 8 Opalescence PF 1.2 ml syringes
  • 1 colorimeter
  • 1 pocket case for trays
  • 1 Opalescence 25 ml toothpaste
  • 1 Opalescence bag

Reference UD5364

Desensitizing Gel Kit


  • Potassium nitrate gel al 3% with 0.25% sodium fluoride, get immediate results.
  • Acts effectively against sensitivity caused by brushing, thermal or chemical effects, exposed tooth necks or bleaching.


  • 4 units of 1.2 ml (1.48 g) with tips

Ul90540 reference

Pocket cuvette cases


  • Protect cuvettes when not in use.
  • Pocket and flat design.
  • Internal dimensions: 7.5 x 7 x 1.5 cm


  • 20 units of cases 7,5 x 7 x 1,5 cm

Reference UL90179


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