Opalescence Boost PF 40% Intro Kit

Available packaging: a set for 4 patients:
  • 4×1.2ml Opalescence Boost / Activator,
  • 2 syringes 1.2 ml of OpalDam Green protective resin;
  • 20 applicators,
  • 2 pcs – ISOBlock,
  • 2 Suction Luer Adapters, 2 SurgiTips.

chemical activation – unnecessary additional irradiation of the preparation

base and activator in separate syringes, which provides a fresh preparation for each treatment

Opalescence Boost enables teeth whitening during one visit to the dental office quickly and safely, without the use of overlays. Opalescence Boost is chemically activated, based on 40% perhydrol gel for professional bleaching and decolorization of dental tissue in a dental office. The chemical activation of Opalescence Boost enables maximum effectiveness of the bleaching agent, and additional light activation is not necessary. Due to the neutral pH (7.0) and the maximum oxidizing activity it is highly effective and does not damage the enamel at the same time.

Although it needs to be stored in the refrigerator, it is, however, chemically activated that it is relatively insensitive to elevated temperatures during transport. Opalescence Boost consists of two syringes:

– activator in a small transparent syringe and base

– the right preparation based on perhydrol in a red syringe. Opalescence Xtra Boost is ready for use immediately after mixing. The syringes with the base and activator are adapted to be joined together by screwing one into the other. Mixing does not cause the preparation to be spilled, it is very convenient. Be sure to screw the syringes together very carefully. The product should be pushed several times from one syringe to the other so that the base with the activator is thoroughly mixed. After mixing Opalescence, Boost stays in the red syringe; Black Mini or Black Micro FX tips are used for the application. Opalescence Boost retains its properties at least 10 days after being mixed when refrigerated. This packaging method allows the preparation of a fresh, highly active product for each treatment.

For protection of soft tissues, the light-cured Opal Dam resin included in the kit is used.

Opalescence Boost can be used as an independent whitening method or in combination with over-the-counter whitening with Opalescence. If you experience signs of hypersensitivity during whitening, then you can use Ultra EZ (Ultradent) which contains potassium nitrate and fluoride compounds.


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