VENOME Platelet Rich Plasma and Fibrin (PRP + iPRF) – a kit designed for professional treatment. The kit contains a complete treatment procedure.


  • The complete treatment procedure can be performed using the kit
  • Certified product
  • Safe
  • Free from allergens
  • Complexity  
  • Simple and quick operation  


  1. Prepare a 21G x 3/4 blood collection kit, tubes without additives and tubes with anticoagulant, gauze, skin disinfectant, and a tourniquet.
  2. Disinfect the skin and then use the blood collection set to enter a vein.
  3. First, collect blood into test tubes without additives. After filling the test tubes, put them in the centrifuge opposite to each other. Set time and speed to 3 minutes and 700 RPM.
  4. While centrifuging the test tubes, collect blood into the remaining test tubes with anticoagulant. Stir each full tube a minimum of 8 times so that the blood is bound to the anticoagulant.
  5. Clean and disinfect the skin in the place where the obtained material is to be used.
  6. After centrifuging the tubes without additives, carefully remove the tubes from the centrifuge and place them in a rack, then put the tubes with anticoagulant into the centrifuge. Set a time and speed of 8 minutes and 1600 RPM and turn on the centrifuge.
  7. In the side wall of the stopper of the test tube without additives, insert a 21 gauge 40 mm needle to remove the vacuum, then take 1 ml of fibrin from the top layer. Repeat with the second test tube.
  8. Using a 30G x 4 mm or 30G x 13 mm needle, feed the fibrin to the indicated places. After centrifuging the fractions, you have 5 minutes to inject fibrin.
  9. In the side of the stopper of the anticoagulant tube, insert a 21G x 40mm needle to remove the vacuum, then place a 20G x 70mm needle with a 5ml syringe vertically in the center of the stopper. The tip of the needle should be on the border of the “sheepskin coat”. By performing a circular swirling motion, collect the “sheepskin coat” and plasma. Unscrew the needle and secure the syringe with the Combi Stopper. Repeat with the second test tube.
  10. To ensure even distribution of platelets for about 30-60 seconds, mix the material in the syringe by gently rolling it up and down.
  11. Remove the Combi Stopper from the syringe and attach it to a 30G x 4mm or 30G x 13mm needle.
  12. Give the plasma to the indicated places. From the moment of centrifugation, plasma should be administered within a maximum of 20 minutes.

The treatment should be performed by a qualified surgeon.

Set contains:

1. Tubes with anticoagulant (ACD), 8 ml – 2 pcs.

2. Tubes without additives 10 ml – 2 pcs.

3. Blood collection set 21G x 3/4 – 2 pcs.

4. Gauze compresses – 3 pcs.

5. Combi Stopper closing cones – 2 pcs.

6. Syringes 5 ml – 3 pcs.

7. Needles:

  • 21G x 40 mm – 3 pcs.
  • 20G x 70 mm – 1 pc.
  • 30G x 13 mm – 2 pcs.
  • 30G x 4 mm – 2 pcs.


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