D’Orleac Exhibitor Lip Color Velvet


One of the latest novelties of the D’Orleac brand, distributed by the Fama-Fabré brand, is the Velvet lipstick display, which stands out for its dynamism and design. It is a tabletop display-dispenser, which has a capacity for 60 sales units and 10 testers.



D’Orleac Exhibitor Lip Color Velvet

Countertop display made of black polystyrene designed to expose the full line of velvet lip colors.
It allows an orderly storage of 56 units for sale.
Includes one tester per color.

One of its characteristics is practicality, as it encourages the sale of these lip liquids, with soft and pleasant textures, with long-lasting matte finishes. It is a range of 10 colors that have a great intensity of color and do not leave a mark. They are applied with a brush, they are not dry or sticky, and they do not contain parabens


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