Set contains :

– Ampoule 8ml X 4.

– Powder 250mg X 4

–  Spoid X 2

Product description:

– The world’s first. Freeze-dried forms of Botulinum-derived ingredient

In comparison with season 1, Botulinum-derived ingredient contents X5.

In comparison with season 1, Peptide contents X19.

In comparison with season 1, Types of peptides X3.

The world’s first patented Cell Penetrating-Botulinum derived ingredient.

– Freeze-dried powder of botulinum-derived ingredient.

– ICURE’s Novel Application of Freeze Crystallization.

– Cell-Penetrating Botulinum-derived Ingredient (11 types of peptide powder).

– Optimized formulation to increase the transdermal delivery system.

– Fish Collagen Extract (France) 68%

– No Purified Water 0%

– 9 Patented Ingredients.

– Patented Cell-Penetrating Botulinum Derived Ingredient.

– Meditime’s Freeze-Dried Powder Type Ampoule.

– Before the usage, Butulinum-derived ingredient of peptide powder mixed with ampoule: 1 bottle / recommend to utilize approximately 1-2 week.

– ICURE’s CP-TDDS technology enhanced products.

– Cell-Penetrating Transdermal Drug Delivery System.

– Clinical Test is completed.

– 6 types of wrinkle improvement (Reduction in wrinkle lines around eyes, neck, forehead, nasolabial folds and lines)

– Lifting effect (Crow’s Feet, Corners of the Mouth, Above the lips)

– Skin Irritation Test.

– Helps Collagen Reproduction

– Helps lifting for outer layer of skin.

– Helps improvement on skin barrier.

– Helps skin anti-aging in general.

– Non-toxic, no synthetic ingredients, or no additives.

– No paraben, mineral oil, artificial color, artificial flavor


How to use:

Once you open the ampoule cap and place the powder cap, you press to release the powder into the ampoule. The powder is mixed with ampoule.

The mixed powder and ampoule should be shaken for 30 seconds until the mixture looks cloudy.

Apply thoroughly well mixed ampoule on your skin.

  1. Apply toner after cleansing.
  2. In order to use the product, you firstly insert the lid of powder containing cap to the bottle of Botal Ex Ampoule.
  3. You press on the lid, which releases the Botal EX Dry Powder into the Botal EX Ampoule. Then you shake to mix the powder into the ampoule.
  4. Absorb the Botal EX Dry Powder mixed ampoule to your skin, and apply cream as the last step on your skin.



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