Innoaesthetics β Purifier 50ml




Innoaesthetics β Purifier – Your solution for balanced skin with oiliness and prone to acne. The formula regulates sebum production to prevent breakouts, minimizes open pores, and restores skin balance.

The synergistic action of the ingredients achieves comedolytic and sebum-regulating effects, controls bacterial overgrowth, and reduces inflammatory processes. This leaves your skin clearer, more balanced, and less prone to blemishes.

Experience the benefits of Innoaesthetics β Purifier and enjoy purer, healthier skin. Discover the care that helps your skin be its best!


  • Open pores
  • Seborrheic/oily skin
  • Acne scars


Apply at night and follow the doctor’s advice. Use after cleansing the skin with INNO-DERMA® Deep Cleanser.


With more than a century of experience in developing pharmaceutical formulas to improve skin quality, INNOAESTHETICS is a globally recognized company and a leading laboratory in aesthetic medicine.


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